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Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts at the Vale of Evesham School is delivered to semi formal and formal learners each week.

Semi-Formal learners in KS1 and LKS2 access 30 minutes of Expressive Arts a week where we cover drama for one term, music for a term and dance for a term.   Expressive arts is also threaded throughout the KS1 and LKS2 curriculums to enhance the learning in other subjects such as English, RE, Geography and History.

In UKS2, KS3 and KS4 semi-formal learners participate in one hour of Expressive Arts a week. In Expressive arts students rotate through a range of activities that include singing, music, dancing, and acting. During these lessons they explore their individual skills and gain confidence through a variety of activities. Formal learners also participate in one hour of Expressive Arts.

In Years 9-11 semi-formal and formal learners both begin to study the arts award and have 1 session of creativity a week. The focus of the Arts Award is developing understanding of a range of arts activities and arts organisations. Semi Formal learners begin at the Discover level of Arts Award. They develop skills of exploring arts activities, researching arts organisations, and sharing their views. Formal learners begin to work at the Explore level of Arts Award. The Explore qualification is an Entry Level 3 Qualification. Students continue to develop their participation in a range of art forms and develop their knowledge of arts organisations. Formal learners also identify what has inspired them, and the skills they have developed as part of their Arts Award studies.

In all stages of the curriculum at the Vale of Evesham School students have the opportunity to contribute to performances for celebrations, such as the Harvest festival, Christmas, a spring celebration and a celebration in the summer term. These performances are designed to be tailored to the interests of the students to ensure maximum engagement. They can involve dancing, singing, signing, acting, or reciting poetry which is rehearsed in their Expressive Arts lessons.