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Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

To provide an environment of excellence that enables learning for life, for children with special needs, their families and the wider community. 

Our Mission:

To create an environment in which every individual in the school is valued, celebrated and heard and where every achievement is recognised.  

Our Aims:

  • To ensure the pupils have a voice in all aspects of school life
  • To prepare our pupils for adulthood – becoming caring, confident and responsible citizens in the community.
  • To enable individuals to become informed, responsible and caring through use of appropriate learning and teaching styles and practice.
  • To offer at an appropriate level a stimulating, challenging and enriching curriculum in a variety of environments during school and beyond which enables the achievement of full potential.
  • To create an environment in which individuals are empowered to accept responsibility for their own development.
  • To have an inclusive and consultative style of leadership and management that respects and takes account of the views of all.
  • To continually evaluate current working practices to ensure work/life balance, staff well-being and good continuing professional development.
  • To encourage individuals to participate in the growth and development of the school environment.