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School Council

The School Council forms a very important part of our student’s school life. Every class has a democratic voting system that allows all young people to be part of the School Council system.

The young people vote for a School Councillor and ECO Warrior to represent the people in their class each year. The class representatives meet and vote for a Chairperson and two secretaries to form the School Council meetings.

The Eco Warriors and councillors bring their views, requests and ideas to the meeting every half term. The meetings are chaired by the elected Chairperson and they are overseen by members of staff. Total Communication is used so all students can put their points of view across to the other members.

The minutes from the meetings are displayed in a symbol supported form for all the school to see on the School Council notice board.

Areas for discussion can range from ECO environmental issues and ways we can make a difference to our planet, ways to raise funds for local and world -wide charities and positive changes to the school and surrounding community.

We have a Head Boy and Girl who support school events and help the School Council run fund raising schemes and welcome visitors in to the school.

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