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Reading at Home

Promoting a love for reading at home

Below are a few ideas and links to promote this further:

  • Designate time each day to enjoy a book together.
  • Join a local library!
    Library visits are encouraged to expose pupils to a wide range of books and empower choice. Children can have their own library cards without incurring fines for delayed returns. Evesham , Pershore and Worcester have impressive children’s areas within their libraries with regular, free events:

  • Incorporate reading with play! Reading doesn’t have to be a quiet, sit down activity. There are lots of ways to develop pre reading skills such as attention and listening through play. Incorporating play is likely to motivate and form positive associations with reading. ‘Words for Life’ is a brilliant website full of ideas listed according to age https ://
  • Make reading accessible through technology. Technology has improved significantly and there are many resources available to support with reading. Using such tools promote independence and develop confidence when accessing the community when reading difficulties could be a potential barrier. Some examples that have been tried and tested by parents and pupils at the Vale of Evesham school include:
    • C PEN reader
    • Natural Reader app
    • Speechify Audio Text Reader
  • Watch and listen to others reading stories . Share stories together and share your own excitement about books. Pupils may be motivated to read by watching celebrities and authors read.
  • Listen to audio books and podcasts! Car journeys, bedtimes and down time in the day are great opportunities for youngsters to become immersed in a story and absorb a rich vocabulary.

Download our Love for Reading at Home Leaflet

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