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Nursery Partnership Working

My child attends another nursery as well, how iwll you work together

We aim to work together with the mainstream nursery settings.  We share targets and aim to hold a TAC meeting each term so we can meet with parents and the other nurseries to talk about a child’s progress and next steps.  We are also always available to support the mainstream nurseries if they have query.  We share strategies regularly about supporting communication and supporting behaviour with the mainstream settings to ensure your child can make the most of their Nursery education.   

Do you work with other professionals?

Yes, we work very closely with all professionals involved.  NHS Speech and Language therapy attend our setting for a day a week (usually 2 x half days).  There’s a separate page which gives you more information about this.   

If your child needs Physio or Occupational Therapy input we will also work with them to implement the appropriate strategies.  Physio for example will visit us in school and help our staff to implement your child’s physio plan. You can find out more about the Physio service here: 

We can also seek advice when needed from Educational Pyschologists, CAMHS, Links Therapy, Team Teach and a range of other professionals.