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Working Together with Parents and Families

How will you support us as parents on this journey?


We understand that each families’ journey will be individual.  Here at the Vale we recognise that discovering your child may have an additional need is a really emotional time.  It’s a really unique parenting experience and at times can feel overwhelming.     

We aim to support all our children and families through this journey.  We will always be around to talk at drop offs and pick ups and we will meet with you regularly about your child.  Equally if you are finding something difficult come and talk to us and we can arrange extra times to talk to you and share strategies that we might use in school.  

In addition to this we also offer ‘Early Years Chat’ sessions.  These are informal sessions and are a way of families meeting other families.  We give advice and support and we also invite other professionals such as Speech Therapists, the continence nurse or the Incredible Years parenting program to come and share strategies with the group.  We share tea, biscuits and sometimes tissues! We hope these sessions give parents a support network that is not otherwise available.   

We hope all of the above supports our families but please remember Our door is always open! 


“The Vale of Evesham nursery is absolutely amazing. The help and support started at the stay and play sessions prior to my little girl starting the nursery and has been continuous for both of us all the way through.There has always been someone to talk too about any concerns that you have or you just want to share some news. My little girl is progressing in the right direction and although small steps they are all big wins. All the ladies in the nursery are incredible and have helped us immensely on our journey.”

– Gemma, Nursery Parent 2021-22