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Moving on / Transition to school

My child starts school next september, what do i need to know?

Everybody needs to apply for a school place – if you are in Worcestershire then you need to apply through the local authority website which you can find here  

The window for applications is usually Sept – Mid January of your child’s preschool year.   

If your child needs a specialist school place for their education, you still need to apply for a mainstream setting in the usual way.   

Offers of school places are usually made in April.     

My child isn't ready for school, what can i do?

It is possible to delay school entry.  We can talk to you about this if you think this is something that would benefit your child.  It sometimes applies to children who are born in the summer months.   

I want my child to attend a specialist school such as vale, how do we get a place?

Special school places are allocated after the mainstream places have been offered in April.  In order to attend a special school your child will need an EHCP.  If your child meets the criteria for an EHCP we will help you in applying for this and take you through this process.  Special school places are usually allocated later in the academic year, often around June.  The local authority allocate places at the specialist schools as they do for mainstream schools.  If you would like to visit the school for a tour please contact the main Reception and a member of staff will be really happy to show you the rest of the school.     

My child was offered a place at vale of evesham school, what happens next?

Children who will join the Vale of Evesham School Reception class will usually have the opportunity for a transition visit.  They will meet their new teacher and the class team who will be supporting them.  This is often a chance to play in their new classroom and be with their new class group of friends.   

We also support transitions to Reception with a picture book for you to keep at home.  These books have photos of your child’s new teacher and team, as well as the classroom.  We find it’s helpful for families to share these with their child over the summer in preparation for starting school!