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Our Medical staff

The school nurses role involves developing and implementing care plans, and providing the relevant training to staff, in order to meet the individual needs of all pupils.

Our nurse may  also carry out health assessments, and provide support and advice to pupils, parents/carers and school staff regarding health issues.  An integral part of their role is also safeguarding the welfare of the children and young people.

Other duties:-

  • Transcribing Medications
  • Attending meetings with families and other professionals
  • Liaising with other health professionals involved with the children such as: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists and the continence team.

We have a community paediatrician Dr Velu who holds a weekly clinic on a Monday morning, where parents/carers are invited to discuss any health concerns regarding their child.

The nurse can be contacted at school and will always try to offer support to parents and carers wherever possible.

Administration of Medication

In accordance with the School Medication Policy, it is important that the following steps are taken for the safe administration of medication during the school day:

  • Only medication that has been prescribed for the child/young person will be administered.
  • All medication to be bought into school in the original box/container with the original prescription label attached stating the child’s name, dispensary date, name of medication, dosage, strength, frequency of administration and the name of the prescriber. If the medication is liquid, the date the medication was opened needs to be written on the bottle.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to supply all the medication to the school staff to administer, including medication that may be needed on an occasional basis, such as Paracetamol, Nurofen and inhalers.
  • If there are any changes made by the child’s doctor/prescrber to the medication administered in school, please inform the school nurse, first aider or class teacher as soon as possible, we will require confirmation of the changes in writing if not changed on the prescription label.
  • If any medication is bought into school that has been taken out of the original container the school staff and school nurse will not be able to administer it and you will be required to collect the medication.

View our medical administration document here