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Welcome to Nursery

Play, learn, explore


Welcome to nursery

Welcome to the Assessment Nursery based at the Vale of Evesham School. We love to play, learn and explore!  We have a really passionate Early Years team here at the Nursery who love working with all the children and families we are privileged to meet.  We hope you’ll find all the information you need on these pages but please do get in touch if you have any more questions!  


What is an assessment nursery adn what do we do?

We are a Nursery Assessment Class based at the Vale of Evesham School. We have Nursery sessions for pre-school children giving specialist support for children with additional needs. We also assess the children to see what support they will need when they go to school. Some of our children will go on to mainstream school, some will need support with an EHCP request to access a specialist setting for school. Most children will attend a mainstream setting as well as us and we work together to support the child.   


Your child will be assigned to a key worker when they start at our Nursery.  You can always talk to the team if you have any questions or if you need any guidance or support.  We can be contacted via Tapestry, emails or chat to us at pick up / drop offs.  




Communicate, achieve, independent

Meet the team



Kelly  – Head of Early Years (on Maternity Leave)

Rachel –Acting Head of Early Years, Nursery Teacher

Hannah – Nursery Teacher (on Maternity Leave)

Charlene – Nursery Lead

Sara – Nursery Lead and Outreach

Danielle  – Nursery TA

Katie – Nursery TA

Holly – Nursery TA

Angie – Nursery TA