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Physical Education Overview

Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (PESSPA) at the Vale of Evesham School aims to promote a life long love of being active. Pupils are given the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of sports and activities to engage them and find an activity that they will want to continue with after school life. Pupils are given access to a range of additional specialists to ensure their needs are met throughout school life, eg. Physios, Occupational therapists and outside coaches/Sports specialists. As skills are taught throughout school pupils will be encouraged to revisit and refine these skills on their own journey through school.

Throughout each pupils  journey they are encouraged to learn about the impact Physical activity has on their body and mind, if it makes them feel stronger, healthier, happier. They are taught at different levels about healthy choices they can make with food and activity at home and are encouraged to get siblings and parents involved in being active. Each child is treated as an individual and has an assessment grid that follows them through school, this allows staff to track their progress and set next steps that are specific to that area of PE.

The journey to becoming an active adult starts with the EYFS curriculum at school. Pupils are encouraged to play, learn through play and engage in both fine and gross motor activities. Pupils are encouraged to develop their movement in a safe and structured environment, that also allows them to explore understand how to safely access PESSPA.


During KS1 pupils begin their journey along the Smart Moves pathway, Smart Moves is a fun motor activity programme that aims to help pupils with motor coordination difficulties improve these skills and increase physical activity. During this programme pupils will develop their Agility, Balance and Co-ordination skills, and the fundamentals of movement. Pupils will access a range of activities and spend time repeating their skills to improve them.


Smart moves continues into LKS2, pupils will now also access more skills for specific activities, and begin to play scaffolded games, preparing them for KS3. During Upper KS2 pupils begin a transition between the Smart Moves programme and Physical Education, they begin to learn about how their bodies  work and understand how to develop skills. Pupils are given a good grounding with Multi sport/Multi skill activity, ensuring  they have a range of transferable skills as they move into KS3


During KS3 PE continues to have the theme of attaining and refining skills, these skills are used in a broad range of scenarios including traditional Games and Paralympic activities such as Boccia and Goalball. Pupils working in the semi formal curriculum continue to develop their knowledge and apply this to small sided games, they are also offered the opportunity to continue to enhance their skills during lunch time clubs. Pupils working on the Formal curriculum are given the opportunity to learn more about basic tactics, compositional ideas and acquiring the knowledge needed to perform during a Dance or Game situation.

Years 9-11

During High School Pupils are given the opportunity to continue with their JASS programme or move on to Entry Level PE. During this phase of learning pupils will learn more about how the body reacts to exercise, the benefits of exercise, what kit they need and setting them up to play recreational sport , access clubs/classes or the Gym for life.

6th Form

During 6th form some pupils will continue to work through the levels of JASS to achieve a Gold award, and others will access the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme to achieve their Bronze award. The Duke of Edinburgh Award continues with a Physical element and pupils are given the opportunity to choose an activity that they like, they can access this at home, through school sessions or at a local sports club/Gym etc. It is hoped that having this pathway will create a link with a club that will last a lifetime for that young person, for example we have students playing rugby for local clubs, the hope is that they will continue into the senior set up and continue to be active adults.

School Sport and Activity

The school has a thriving Tag rugby club, the club has run at the school for 12 years and as well as producing talented youngsters to play for the school also has helped pupils into local community sports clubs, giving them the base of knowledge and skills that they need to be confident in community sport. We have links with both Pershore Rugby Club and Evesham Rugby club. Pupils have the opportunity to test their skills against other schools and this culminates in an international Tag Rugby tournament that is held around May time each year. Some pupils enjoy sports like Karate and have attended Karate classes at the local leisure centre and Kick boxing classes at the studio. The school has strong links with the leisure centre and is building more links to increase the range of opportunities on offer to our pupils both on a Sporting and Activity front. Pupils are offered a range of lunchtime sports clubs which change throughout the year, giving pupils the opportunity to refine their play or have a go at something new that might engage them and light a life long love of a sport.

PE Long Term Plan Semi-Formal and Formal



Semi-formal and Formal Curriculum

KS1 and LKS2
PE 2 hours per week


Upper KS2 and KS3
PE  2 hours per week


Year 9, 10, 11



2 hours per week

Accreditation: Formal only OCR