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School safeguarding statement

The Vale of Evesham School’s aim is to safeguard and promote our pupils’ welfare, safety, mental and physical health and well-being by creating an honest, open, caring and supportive environment. The pupils’ welfare is of paramount importance.

Adults who work with children and young people with SEND should be aware of the additional needs children may have that could mean they are more vulnerable to abuse and/or less able to speak out if something isn’t right.

Some children may be vulnerable because they:

  • Have additional communication needs
  • They do not understand that what is happening to them is abuse
  • Need intimate care or are isolated from others
  • Are dependent on adults for care
Name Role Email Telephone
Xanthe Mullinger Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) 01386 443367
Tina Partridge Deputy DSL
Laura Wainwright Deputy DSL
Sarah Hooton Deputy DSL
Cathy Wilkinson Deputy DSL
Sharan Brain Deputy DSL 01386 443367
Jackie Summerfield Safeguarding Governor 01386 443367