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School Transport

Pupils are provided with transport from home to school provided that they meet certain criteria.

The school is not responsible for organising this transport although we liaise closely with the department within the Local Authority that has that responsibility.

The Local Authority Transport Policy states that children who live in excess of the relevant statutory walking distance (2 miles for children under 8 years old and 3 miles for children over 8 years old) normally qualify for the transport if they are attending their nearest designated school If a child lives less than the statutory walking distance the Local Authority will determine whetherthere are any special transport needs which require free transport. Pupils over 16 are subject to the Council’s Post 16 Transport Policy.

Details can be obtained from the Education Transport Department at County Hall (telephone 01905 763763). Many pupils are transported to and from school in buses, minibuses or taxis with other children living within the same area. All transport has at least one escort as well as the driver of the vehicle. This escort and the driver can be a useful contact for you and can help you communicate with school by passing on written messages.