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Blossom House

Blossom House is our residential provision. It comprises of 3 suites, Sunflower, Poppy and Bluebell Suite catering for 15 weekly boarders aged between 8 – 19 years of age.

Our team are experienced, dedicated professionals who work to provide consistency and continuity for each individual, in order to meet their educational, social, health and emotional/behavioural needs in order to reach their full potential.

Meet the team

The team work closely with day staff, to be able to provide a 24 hour curriculum enabling our young people to develop their communication, independent and social skills – to become happy and confident individuals.

The blossom house team work closely with the families of our young people, we find this is essential in meeting all of the needs of the individual.

We work with other professionals such as Speech & Language, Physiotherapists, Paediatricians, Psychologists and Social Services to ensure a trans- disciplinary approach.

The residential accommodation is decorated and furnished to be as homely as possible.  Our young people are encouraged to personalise their bedrooms with a choice of colour and any personal belongings they wish to bring from home such as bedding, posters, family photos or toys.


The accommodation comprises of three suites:

  • Sunflower suite has six bedrooms in total, a walk in shower, a bathroom and a social area.
  • Poppy Suite has four bedrooms in total, a bathroom, separate toilet and a social area.
  • Bluebell suite has five rooms in total, bathroom, shower room, separate toilets and a social area.

Each young person has the opportunity to choose the colour for their bedroom and they are encouraged to personalise the room with their own photos and posters.  Bedding is provided, however if you would prefer to supply your own this is fine.

All of the social areas  are central to the suite and have a large family table as well as a comfy seating area which allows the children and young people to participate in group activities or simply to socialise and relax.

The suites have recently been decorated and are a homely space in which the children can thrive.

Mealtimes – breakfast and our evening meals take place in the residential dining room which is currently under renovation.  Mealtimes are an ideal time to help develop independent skills and the children/young people sit together around large tables for meals, enabling social and independent skills to develop.


Activities are provided each evening, and we encourage each young person’s participation.

The activities are varied across the term and in-corporate independent and social skills.  We utilise both areas in school and facilities in the community.

Activities on offer include:- Swimming, Forest , Shopping, Parks, Walks, Bowling, Restaurants to name a few.

As well as regular phone calls, we actively encourage parents/carers and siblings to join us each half term for an evening activity.

You can read more about our activities here:

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Action Plans

Blossom House – Residential Action Plan – First

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More information

If you would like to discuss the provision further and/or arrange a visit to see the accommodation, please call Sharan Brain, Head of Care, on 01386 443367