Exam & Assessment Results

Assessment Results

At the Vale of Evesham School we report to the local authority against using a range of assessment frameworks in different key stages.

First School

In First school, in line with other primary phase schools we report a range of assessments to the Local Authority.
At the end of the reception year we report Years Early outcomes using the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. The profile allows us to make judgements as to whether our pupils have skills that are emerging, expected or exceeding expectations of typically developing children. Our pupils have a wide range of additional learning challenges, they enter the foundation stage with levels of attainment very significantly below chronological norms. At the end of the Early Years their skills are emerging. Over the past two years progress for the cohorts as a whole has been judged as outstanding
Some pupils in Year 1 take part in the phonics screen programme. If it is felt appropriate, some pupils repeat the screening in Year 2.
At the end of Key stage 1 we report outcomes using teacher assessment. Attainment for the majority of pupils is within P levels, progress for the cohort over the last two years has been outstanding.

Key Stage 1 Threshold Report
Early Years Foundation Stage Profiles

Middle School

Upper School

Accreditation at Key Stage 4