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Dilwyns recent activities

What have Dilwyn Suite been up to lately? I hear you ask. So we're here to update you on some of the recent fun activities we have done.

Starting off with a lovely meal at Norton Grange just before we broke up for the Easter Holidays. As you can see from the photos we all enjoyed the meal & each others company!

We enjoyed ourselves at Worcester Woods, Spring wasn't quite with us on this visit but we wrapped up well & had tons of fun!

One of us had a birthday last week & what better way to celebrate than to go bowling & have a meal out! We need birthdays EVERY WEEK!!!!

We're now up-to-date as yesterday (Tuesday 1st May) we went to Cropthorne Park. We did have a picnic tea but alas there is no photographic evidence as we ate it so quickly because we couldn't wait to run off & have fun!!

We hope you have enjoyed catching up on our recent activities as much as we enjoyed being involved in them. Until next time, bye.

Posted by Tracey Norris on 2018-05-02 12:02:43